NFT LABS & What They Do!

NFTs are becoming extremely popular on the internet. More and more artists and creators are joining the metaverse and showing their art to the world. Hand drawn art, digital art,
photography, the possibilities are endless in the metaverse. Today we are going to chat all about the NFT LABS and how they are changing the way the metaverse works.

But what is NFT LABS? This amazing event lasts for a total of four days. During the event
collectors, artists, entrepreneurs, gamers and digital enthusiasts gather to chat all about NFTs
and how the metaverse is changing the world. Like minded people come together and educate each other on these topics.

“NFTs bring blockchain to the masses and makes cryptocurrency and blockchain tech more
accessible to minorities so let’s discuss why Diversity & Inclusion matter and what is the role of the players right now in changing the status quo.Join us and learn how Metaverse, Blockchain, Crypto and NFT are revolutionizing the world the way we know it!”

The dates for this event are March 23rd and 30th and then April 6th and 13th. Many amazing
talented women will be speaking at this event so anyone interested in the metaverse should
consider checking out what they have in store. They recently partnered with Nowhere
(https://www.urnowhere.com/), a metaverse space where they are running their events.

Alongside this they will be on camera. This is a safer way to enjoy the metaverse because no
one is hiding behind an avatar. Be sure to check out their website to learn more.
If you are interested in this event check out their links to stay updates. Not only is this a unique experience, it also offers educational information for those interested in the space. NFT LABS is on a mission to educate. Learn more today. You will not regret it!

WEBSITE: https://www.femaletechleaders.com/nftlab

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