Nailbiter Returns – Comic Review

Image Comics returns to the town of Buckaroo, Oregon as the sense of bloodlust is not finished in Nailbiter Returns. A fated phone call brings back investigator Nicholas Finch to the notorious town of Buckaroo as a murder sparks the return of the Buckaroo Butchers, the greatest serial killers in U.S. history. 

Follow the story as Joshua Williamson recreates the dark tension and atmosphere, which he did in the prequel series Nailbiter. Joshua continues to write a wide spread mystery that keeps the reader engaged from the very first page. The comic takes place years later after the conclusion of the first series with returning characters Nicholas Finch, Alice Warren, and Edward Charles Warren the Nailbiter killer. 

Mike Henderson comes back to the creative team with his trademark artwork. He delivers straightforward lines with dark outlines to create a focus to the characters. The images are never over drawn with detail but are easy to follow with the page moving from different panels. Mike enhances the fear factor as the violence displays fear and raw emotion upon characters who have met their demise or encounter with a killer. 

Adam Guzowski sticks to basic colors of red, black, and blue when compared to shadows in dark areas. Even in brighter scenes the color stays simple that does not become muddy or unattractive. The reader understands what is taking place as the color amplifies the situation whether it be the violence or surroundings.  

Nailbiter Returns will dive back into the world of the sinister and the cunning as the Buckaroo Butchers step back into the mix as the body count grows. Nicholas Finch must solve the case before it’s too late and the town drowns in blood. 

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