Myths and Theories in Pokemon

The world of Pokemon is full of mysteries and secrets. With every new generation, there are more and more secrets that we try to explain. There are many theories in the Pokemon community that try to explain these mysteries. There are many unsolved mysteries that are still mysteries to this day. Here are a few theories about the myths and secrets in Pokemon.

Who is Ash’s father?

One of the biggest questions in Pokemon is, who is Ash’s father. There are many theories who Ash’s father really is. I found some strange and funny theories, that try to answer this question. Is it the Team Rocket boss Giovanni? Is it Mr.Mime? Or is it Ash’s Pikachu?

Team Rocket boss Giovanni theory:

There is a theory that Giovanni the leader of Them Rocket, is the father of Ash Ketchum.

Before Giovanni became the leader of Team Rocket, Delia (Ash’s mother) and Giovanni were a couple. They were planning a family, but there was one problem, they had no money. Delia worked as a waitress and Giovanni was unemployed. But then came the day when Delia get pregnant. Giovanni tried to find a job, but found only a poorly paid job. He decided to make money from illegal business. He smuggled Pokemon, stole Pokemon, and organized raids at pokemon research institutions. He made quite a bit of money with it, and everyone in the underworld knows his name. Delia wondered where Giovanni had got all the money from. She asked him and Giovanni explained everything to her. He told Delia that it was the only way to make money enough money for the family. Delia was shocked and left Giovanni. She didn’t want to live with a criminal. Shortly afterward, Giovanni founded Team Rocket and became the greatest gangster boss in Kanto.

This theory is very interesting and it would be a good plot twist if it were true.

Is it Mr.Mime?

This theory is pretty crazy and I died laughing when I heard it for the first time. This theory says that Mr.Mime is Ash’s biological father. We all know that Mr.Mime and Ash’s mother live together. Mr.Mime helps in the household and takes care of many little things. But one evening Delia and Mr.Mime get very close. The result of that night is Ash. Ash is a hybrid, half pokemon and half-human. It explains why Ash is not getting older in the Pokemon anime. A Pokemon can only grow with the experience, that it makes in battle. Ash doesn’t fight and therefore cannot grow. He must first collect enough experience points to grow. Only then he can develop and grow. This is a very funny theory that really exists. It explains why Ash doesn’t get older after all these years, because, he is a Pokemon/human hybrid. I love this theory.

Pikachu theory

Anyone who thought that the Mr.Mime theory was strange didn’t know the Pikachu theory. Pikachu is Ash’s real father, but not his biological father. Let me explain it. I didn’t know this theory myself, but it all makes total sense. Actually not really, it makes no sense but it is very interesting. The theory says that Ash’s father took part in an experiment, that was supposed to exchange the human spirit with that of a Pokemon. He was supposed to change his mind with that of a young Pikachu. But the experiment went wrong, the mind from Ash’s father fused with that of Pikachu.

Everything was tried to help him, but nothing worked. His mind was trapped in Pikachu’s body. Professor Oak decided to keep the Pokemon in his laboratory for further investigations. How Ash’s mother reacted to is unknown. Years later when Ash Ketchum started his pokemon career, Prof. Oak decided to give this special Pikachu Ash. It was an experiment to see how this Pikachu behaves towards Ash. It turned out, that this Pikachu cares a lot about Ash, just like a father. Professor Oak realized that Ash’s father’s mind was still very dominant in Pikachu. He also found out that this Pikachu was more intelligent and stronger than other Pikachus. He recognized the potential of such a Pokemon and was planning further human/Pokemon experiments to create the ultimate superweapon. But this is a topic for another article. The sad thing is that Ash never found out, what really happened to his father.

I love this theory, it shows the creativity of the Pokemon community to get an answer to this old question. These were three theories about who Ash’s real father could be. My favorite is the Mr.Mime theory. I hope that one day we get an answer to this question. But I think we will never get an answer to it.

Is the Raticate from our rival Blue dead?

In Pokemon Blue and Red we fight on board of the S.S.Anne against our rival Blue. In the battle against us, he uses one of his strongest Pokemon, his Raticate. It is not only one of his strongest Pokemon, but also one of his first Pokemon that have been there since the beginning. In an intense battle, we defeat him and continue our journey through the Pokemon world. Later in the game, we meet him in Lavender Town at the great Pokemon Cemetery. We fight him again and notice that he doesn’t have Raticate in his team. Where is his Raticate? There is a dark theory about what happened to his Raticate. The theory is that Raticate was severely wounded in the battle on the S.S.Anne but was not taken to a Pokecenter in time, resulting in his death. The reason he is in Pokemon Tower in the first place is to bury and mourn his lost Raticate. We can’t say exactly what happened to his Raticate, but everything indicates that it died after fighting us. Rest in peace Raticate!

The Great Pokemon War

There is a theory that the anime and the games, play in a post-war period. The war took place a few years before the events of the game and anime. There are some interesting pieces of evidence that this event really happened. One of the main arguments for this theory is the fact, that there mainly women, old people, and children in the Pokemon anime and games. There are only a few men between the age of 20 and 40 years in the Pokemon world. What is the reason for this? The theory says that most of them died in the Great Pokemon War. But the best evidence for this theory is gym leader Major Bob. In Pokemon Red and Blue, tells us Major Bob, that he fought in a war with his Pokemon. Unfortunately, we don’t find out which war he fought in, or against whom or what he fought. Was it a war against Pokemon? Against another nation? Or was it a global conflict like a world war? We’ll never know, but one thing is sure, there was a war.

These were some interesting theories about mysteries in Pokemon. It shows the ingenuity and creativity of the Pokemon community. They try to answer all questions, we ever ask ourselves. Some are funny, disturbing, interesting or just weird. But in the end, they are just theories, nothing more and nothing less, just theories.

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