Most Dangerous Foes (Dungeons and Dragons Edition) 

Every good story has a villain, someone to make the hero look more heroic, or someone to begin an individual’s journey and adventure. One of my personal favorite parts of a villain is their power, the amount of literal damage they can do to a party in a fight. With that being said, I’ve compiled a list of the most powerful creatures in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. 

7. Ancient Dragon Turtle (Challenge Rating 24)

This dragon turtle may seem quite a normal creature at first, but upon closer inspection, its aura of fiery energy and its ability to summon an armor of storms. Even better, if you manage to kill it, it comes back stronger and heals near all of his HP. If you have to end up fighting this, I wish you luck.

6. Marut (Challenge Rating 25) 

This powerful robotic creature can not only hover, but teleport any creature to a different plane of existence, and he follows them there. He also can blast creatures with powerful beams of radiance, and stuns them in turn. If fighting this creature, I would be prepared to have quite the jarring fight.

5. Tromokratis (Challenge Rating 26) 

This gargantuan kraken may sit with slightly less health than the other 2 creatures, yet the power in this creature doesn’t lie in his health but in its ability to attack so many creatures at once. Not only can it attack so many creatures at once, but if it is slain, it’s not destroyed yet. You have to destroy the 4 hearts inside of it, and if you fail to do so before the end of a short or long rest, the creature completely regenerates. If you have to fight this creature, be prepared to be in a fight, for a long while.

4. Sul Khatesh (Challenge Rating 28) 

Being the first spellcaster on this list, sets the bar pretty high, but this large shadowy fiend does not disappoint. She can transform into a variety of beasts keeping a majority of her stats, and she can essentially create her own personal antimagic fields. If you’re going to end up attacking her, be prepared to have a lot of magical effects stolen from you. 

3. Aspect of Bahamut (Challenge Rating 30) 

Being one of the most prominent gods in the realms, you can certainly imagine how powerful this deity is going to be. This aspect of Bahamut can shoot celestial lances and apparates a shield of 7 dragons around him. His breath weapon can shoot flames up to 300 feet away, and yet when he dies, he gets so much more powerful, and gains mythical abilities. If you have to end up fighting him, be prepared to fight the aspect of a god. 

2. Aspect of Tiamat (Challenge Rating 30) 

While the previous deity was a good aligned god, and might be inclined to give you mercy, expect none of that from Tiamat. This god of chromatic dragons can hearl creatures through hell, and light chromatic flares of her choice onto a variety of creatures. When she dies, she is also given mythical abilities and completely heals. If you need to fight her, I suggest bringing an army, and then some.

1. Tarrasque (Challenge Rating 30) 

Last but certainly not least, is the classic most powerful creature in D&D 5th Edition. With a whopping 600+ hit points, and the ability to deflect spells at creatures, the tarrasque certainly takes 1st place on this list. Being one of the few ways to destroy a magical item, if you end up in the stomach of this creature, I sincerely doubt that you will be able to survive. If you need to fight this creature, you better be prepared to suffer a lot of death in the world around you, considering there is only one is existence, and the only way to stop it from regenerating it, is the wish spell. It can also be done, via the wish spell.

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