Module Review, The Sunless Citadel (D&D 5e) 

by: Lance Kleinma

Modules and Adventures have always had a place in D&D, from when it was first created, to nowadays, modules are built to give players adventures all over the realms, and the Dungeon Master, a world and story ready for them to tell. This is the first part in a new series that I will be doing, covering a wide variety of modules to play! The first module being covered is known as The Sunless Citadel, and in fact this was the first module that I ever played. 

Let’s start with some basic backstory for the creation of the module.This module actually predates the current edition of D&D 5e, however, it was one of the most popular modules of 3rd edition, so they made some modifications and released it as part of a bigger adventure book called Tales of the Yawning Portal. 

The Sunless Citadel is located within a deep cavernous ravine, and housed with secrets forgotten to history. After this point there will be spoilers for the module, continue reading at your own discretion. The Sunless Citadel houses a variety of Magical Items, Mythical Monsters, and Maddened Men. But what stands above all the rest is the Gulthias Tree, a mythical tree with branches and apples, which house powerful magical abilities. Hordes of goblins await the group inside, along with a variety of traps and secret rooms. 

This module is for characters level 1-3, so any new characters you want to test out would be able to play this! I hope you enjoy playing the Sunless Citadel, because it will certainly be one wild ride. 

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Module Review, The Sunless Citadel (D&D 5e) 

Lance Kleinman / Opfar is a staff writer at All Ages of Geek. You can follow him on Twitter @LanceKleinman & on Instagram @alancealot

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