Module Review, Dead in Thay (D&D 5e)

by: Lance Kleinman

Modules and Adventures have always had a place in D&D, from when it was first created, to nowadays, modules are built to give players adventures all over the realms, and the Dungeon Master, a world and story ready for them to tell. This is the fifth part in the series known as Module Review! The fifth module being covered is known as “Dead In Thay”. 

Let’s start with some basic backstory for the creation of the module. This module also predates the current edition of D&D 5e, however, it was released as a part of a different adventure book, entitled “Dreams of the Red Wizards” so far, this is the only book released under a different title, 

from the adventure! Back in 2017 “Dead in Thay ” was released as an Adventure Book titled “Tales of the Yawning Portal”. Making it the fifth adventure in the book, taking place after the “White Plume Mountain” adventure in “Tales of the Yawning Portal.” 

“Dead In Thay” is located within a large and lethal dungeon, known to the outer world as the Doomworld. I can thoroughly say that this adventure may have the LARGEST dungeon I have ever seen. This dungeon houses over 100 rooms, housing a variety of locations, from growing forests, to mined quarries, and ancient temples. Ancient magic protrudes out of this ruin, and when implementing this into your own world, make sure there is a large space to house this ancient place. 

This module is for characters level 9-11, making it a perfect module for seasoned adventures to explore and solve! This module was built to be a challenge, and you better believe that it holds up to it! 

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Lance Kleinman / Opfar is a staff writer at All Ages of Geek. You can follow him on Twitter @LanceKleinman & on Instagram @alancealot

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