Mobile Game Feature: Coin Wars

Mobile gaming has been taking over the universe day by day. New apps are being created by
amazing game developers telling their story to the world. Today we are going to chat all about
Coin Wars. We will discuss how to play the game, why you should download the app, and much more!

Coin Wars is a perfect game for anyone who is a fan of space adventures. Fans of Steven
Universe and Dragon Ball will especially love this app because of the amazing adventure you go on in space! Except in this game you can conquer planets and live your best space life. You are able to build, destroy, repair and explore all in one app.

You need coins in order to earn stars in this game. But how do players do this? You must
activate your spinner and spin the daily wheel to get prizes! You may get amazing loot and
energy to move your rocket. The more you play the better results you get! This gives you access to:

-Raiding: “Steal coins and treasure chests from your Facebook friends! Dig out their preciously
hidden coins and add them to your balance! To make that even more fun, there is Vuply, your
capricious fox pet who really likes shiny things and has a nose for tracking.”

-Attacking: ”What’s more fun compared to making beautifully crafted buildings and characters on your own planet? Destroying the ones from your friends’ planets! Oh yes, aim your laser gun, destroy their planets and make their progress slower, while earning more coins to proceed to your journey! A fire-breathing dragon Aiden can make those attacks even crazier!”

-Defending: “Earn shields to protect your own buildings on the planet from attacks. Always have shields in order to have your settlements intact. Explore different ways of defending- for
example, Spiky, your dino pet can help you do that even better!”

-Cards: “Collect all the cards and earn fantastic rewards! After you complete sets, you’ll be rewarded with much-needed free spins and coins to help you on your journey. If you struggle to find some of them, just ask your friends, maybe they have the cards you need!”

The controls to this game are very simple. Experienced gamers and first time gamers will all be
able to enjoy this simple yet amazing space adventure. The art work is very adorable and truly
creates the feeling of being in space. The great part about this app is you are able to collect
pets. Everyone knows a game is ten times better if there are pets involved.

If you are interested in downloading a new mobile app be sure to keep Coin Wars on your radar. Not only does it have great gameplay, designs, and story, it also is very easy to control. Coin Wars is truly a step up for mobile gaming. It is available on both Google Play and The App Store! Check it out today. Tell us what you think!


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