Midnight City Review

NFTs are taking over the internet. Each day new creators join the space and add their voice to
the metaverse. Through digital art, photography and much more creatives from around the
world are able to showcase who they are and tell their stories through NFTs. Today we are
going to chat all about Midnight City, who they are, their designs and how you can support their work.

“We are a 1500 PFP project backed by Mednokta®, a conceptual streetwear company based in
LA. We have plans for conceptual events, merchandise, and initiatives that help our community
grow and develop after our initial collection! Midnight City NFT has anime-inspired art as well as an anime-inspired ongoing story. Badge-holders gain access to story development, exclusive streetwear, a community of fellow creatives, VIP access to IRL events, and more.”

These amazing NFTs are perfect for collectors looking to expand their gallery with more anime
inspired NFTs. Midnight City showcases the side profile of characters. The unique part of this
collection is anyone who is looking to purchase an NFT to showcase their persona in the
metaverse will definitely benefit from Midnight City. These NFTs all have great line work,
saturated colors, and fashion, making them stand out in the crowd amongst other NFT
collections. Fans of anime will especially love their designs!

Midnight City is very community driven. They are very interactive on their social pages as well
as their discord. In their roadmap they discuss how as they grow they plan on doing giveaways. This is something a lot of NFT collections lack however Midnight City is truly building a community that will grow with them! Be sure to check out their roadmap to learn more about what they plan on doing in the months to come.

If you are interested in supporting their work be sure to check out all of their links. There you will find their website, social pages and even a discord server. Their discord is definitely a place to be if you are interested in staying updated with launches and news! Support them today. Perhaps you will find your next big NFT!

Website: https://midnightcitynft.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/D23qnYGdzT
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MidnightcityNFT
OpenSea Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/midnightcity
Related Clothing Brand, MedNokta: https://www.mednokta.com/

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