“Message Delivered” A New Movie Just Finished Filming

Mohamed Saad Taha the young Egyptian director, has finished shooting his new movie. The movie is titled “Message Delivered”, this is a collaboration with writer Mohamed Abdel Salam. The movie focuses on the problem of bureaucracy and intransigence of government employees. 

This is not Mohamed Saad Taha’s first film, he also directed “Horriya.” This film was produced in 2020. During the production the cast and crew followed many strict rules due to COVID. This film participated in several different festivals including  “The Noble International Film Festival”.

The crew who worked on this movie included Abdel Rahman Hamdy, director of photography, Mahmoud Hatem, production director, Senan Kamel Stylist, photographers Ayman Mahmoud El-Saadani and Mahmoud Shaaban, and editing and mixing was done by Amr Essam and Nasser Shaaban. The movie was represented by Duha Al-Boyhyaoui, Sahar Ahmed Qassem, Sherihan Nour, Ahmed Fathy, Amr Khaled, and Mohamed Saad Taha. The official poster for the work was designed by the artist Seif Al-Husseini, and the poster was photographed by Ahmed Radwan.

Mohamed Saad Taha is scheduled to start editing “Message Delivered” in February 2022. There is no decision on where the movie will premiere at this time. The writer of “Message Delivered” has published several novels including The Antidote, which participated in the Cairo International Book Fair in 2020, and the novel “In the Ruling of the Impossible,” which also participated in the same exhibition. This is the first time he is working on a short film.

Also collaborating with Mohamed Saad Taha in this new cinematic experience, Musab Al-Eskali as executive producer and Othman Bushra as executive director and director of photography Abdel Rahman Hamdi. Fans of movies should consider staying updated with “Message Delivered” to learn more about the release date. 

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