Mercenaries Mode Returns to Resident Evil Village With More Strategy and Fire Power

Resident Evil Village, the franchise’s eighth main installment, drops on May 7th, 2021. The game is a direct follow-up to the protagonist, Ethan Winters’ story in Resident Evil 7.

Once you beat the primary campaign, you’ll unlock the fan-favorite Mercenaries mode, an arcade-rush style of play where you clear out waves of enemies and make your way to various checkpoints, trying to get the best time.

Here are some quick deets on the updated game mode.

Before each round, you’ll link up with The Duke (Merchant) and purchase your load-out and support items. You’ll also be able to upgrade weapons too. Previous Mercenaries modes in Resident Evil 5 & 6 had predetermined load-outs based on the character you selected. This added choice of what you take with you into battle adds a new layer of strategy and allows players to explore the play styles which work for them.

RE: Village is a first-person shooter, bringing a new perspective to the traditionally 3rd-person Resident Evil Mercenaries play. Pairing the first-person camera with arena verticality makes for a more fluid, tense play experience. Shout out to Doom: Eternal one time for making that vertical combat trend again.

Dispatching enemies will buy you just a few more seconds for your run, while collecting orbs will give you a solid 30 seconds. Blue orbs will allow you to choose from 3 abilities you’ll have until the end of the game. Each ability pairs with your weapons. For example, one might enhance your melee, while the other boosts your sniper game.

Resident Evil Village is shaping up to be a release stacked with tons of replay-ability.

Check out Rohil’s thoughts on the final Resident Evil Village demos here.

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