Manga Token has a NEW Manga Called Ambiguity

We have some exciting news from our friends at Manga Token! If you are a fan of manga you will love this. They are releasing their own original Manga NFT series. As a supporter of Manga Token and how they are champions of mangaka around the world, All Ages of Geek is here to chat about their new achievement, Ambiguity!

From the beginning of Manga Token they have been collaborating with mangaka to spread awareness of their work in the NFT space. Collaboration is a main factor of Manga Token’s initiative, and now they are collaborating with mangaka Chiharu Shinagawa to create this NFT manga. But why is Ambiguity so special? 

This short series launch of chapter 0 will be given to Manga Token’s $MANGA Holders. In order to keep this manga going Manga Token needs YOUR support! You can give support and find out how to get involved by checking out their website for more info. 

Ambiguity is currently one chapter long with twelve pages. In this series Manga Token’s mascot characters will be featured! This manga is in both English and Japanese. To learn more about the perks you receive as $MANGA Holders click HERE!

Ambiguity is a kind of its own. With legendary art from Chiharu Shinagawa, fans of manga and NFTs will love this collaboration. We recommend you check THIS out to learn more!

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