Lycoris Recoil Episode 10 Review

MinaRose2023 here with another Lycoris Recoil Review. 

Kurumi was looking into why Chisato got an artificial heart. She found out she was perfect because she was an orphan to be a test subject for the artificial heart. Chisato announced she was closing the LycoReco coffee shop. Takina was actually with DA and DA was on their way to get Majima. Majima had Sanji hostage. 

Kurumi and Mizuki went on a taxi to the airport. Kurumi wasn’t too happy about it. Takina went to interrogate one of Majima’s henchmen that was in a cell in DA. Chisato looked at old pictures. She admitted she felt lonely to Mika. Now that all of her friends where gone. DA attacked where they thought Majima was at but he was simply there in a video. Majima challenged DA when Kusonoki the DA head said that DA was above the laws. Takina asked Majima where Shinji was but he said nothing to her. Chisato opened a box Mika had for her of a kimono for her coming of age. But since Chisato heart was on a time limit he gave it to her early. We find out Mika gave Chisato her name and he’s why they opened a Cafe.

Mika tells Chisato about how Sinji wanted Chisato to be a killing machine. But Chisato thanks Mika for letting her decide to not kill others while being a Lycoris. She was able to start her cafe and called Mika and Sinji her dads.dad’s. 

Majima gave guns to the public in order to bring the DA to life. Kusunoki needed Chisato but Robota shows Chisato that Sinji was trapped. Chisato and Mika go and get ready to find Sinji.

I had several tears here cause of the heartfelt sadness of Kurumi and Chisato calling Mika and Sinji her dads. Over all a good episode and it was great seeing Takina cares more about Chisato than being DA anymore.

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