Love Birds Review

Love Birds stands out from other NFT projects because they are actively changing the metaverse. Not only have they created beautiful NFTs they are also working on a safe dating game for those in the metaverse. This is something completely new to the NFT world. Allowing users to find love.

Now let’s chat all about the NFTs story!

“A long long time ago, thousands of LoveBirds from the Winger Universe were forced apart by an unknown entity. As time flew by, more and more lovebirds have flown to our universe in search of their soulbirds and many are now flying all around the #Metaverse to find each other. Three siblings have taken it upon themselves to help the birds reunite.”

The design of these adorable love birds are similar to Disney cartoons. There are 7,777 love birds making it perfect for NFT collectors. Each collector can expect to find their next big NFT over at Love Birds. The birds have their own unique background, facial expressions and accessories!

A launch date of December 13th collectors should get ready to join the Love Birds community. With over 4,000 members in their Discord collectors and fans should consider joining to interact with the community and creators. Maybe you can even give ideas to the creators on their next big NFT. Alongside their Discord they have a Twitter where updates and news will be posted. 

This dating game is one of a kind. Not only is it 100% protected and moderated by the creators but users can expect to see more of this in the metaverse. Making Love Birds ahead of the game. Holders of their NFTs can enter the game to find their souldbirds and potentially meet up in real life. Those looking for a souldbird should be sure to check out this amazing game. 

Be sure to check out Love Birds if you are interested in this amazing dating game, unique NFTs and a supportive community.

Voice over: Will Horner

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