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Life isn’t about who is the best dressed or who has the most money, its more a puzzle we are all meant to figure out and finish on our own. For starters, most people who claim they have their life together don’t. And that ok. Most of us don’t. The point of it all is figuring out what makes you happy and the rest goes from there.

Now you’re probably reading the title and thinking “how does happiness have to do with motivation?” And I’m here to tell you. Let’s say you’re passion is writing. You write stories and share them with your friends, you post poetry online, and sometimes you submit articles to your school’s newspaper. Which is all great. But as time moves on you start comparing yourself to other writers and start doubting your abilities. You slowly start forgetting to submit articles, you haven’t posted poetry online for months, and you stopped writing short stories. Now, my friend, you have reached something I like to call “Loss of motivation.”

“Loss of motivation” is kind of like burnout but has nothing to do with the amount of work you have been doing. It kind of happens when you start listening to what other people are doing and forget about what you want to do. So let’s say you and your friend are both writers and she asks you for help with her poem. Which you can help her! But, do not stop doing what you want, to help other people get to where they want to be. Because you need to focus on YOU.

“Loss of motivation” can happen at any time. Insecurities, loss of ideas, or maybe just a bad day. BUT! Do not worry because there is a solution to all of this.

Remember at the beginning of this I was talking about finding what makes you happy. Again the point of life is finding what makes you happy. So when you lose motivation, think about what truly makes you happy.

Again you’re a writer. And you lose motivation. “Now what?” Just paint a picture in your head and think about what made you love writing? Was it your professor? A writer whose work inspired you? Your family? Whatever it is that made you love writing or the thing you call your passion, think about it in your time of “loss of motivation”

When you think about why you love doing something, you’ll forget why you can’t do it. Because there is absolutely no reason why you can’t. Everyone can lose motivation which is fine. But! When it becomes permanent that is not ok. We all have dark days but working towards something will bring us out of them.

Sometimes hearing what your friends and family have to say can help you gain that motivation. But I am a firm believer that your mind can help you. “Why do I love this?” Ask yourself that and continue to do what you love. Because we all create for something. A loved one. Self-expression. The desire to help others. Inspiration. Fame. God. The list goes on. Just find where you fall on the list and continue to do what you love when you find that answer. Stay strong and keep doing what you love!

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Evan Downs

Thank you for sharing your method for staying inspired and driven!! Super helpful 😀

Double K

What if the thing that motivates you is out of your control?

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