Littlemoose (LMOOSE) Review

NFTs are taking over the internet, newer artists are rising with amazing and adorable NFT designs. Littlemoose (LMOOSE) first collection of NFTs is here! We are going to chat about where you can find them, what they stand for, their designs and their story! First let’s start with their story.

Their story: “Since 500 years ago, there were talks about a secret tribe that goes around with their ‘LMOOSE’ badge. It was said they existed for the people, to tackle poverty and bring hope to many families. It appears the secret tribe would quietly visit homes of the poverty and leave presents each containing a gold coin with ‘LMOOSE’ symbol and other items, outside their doorsteps during midnight when people are asleep.Only a small group of people have heard of them, but growing as their journey continues. Collect a Littlemoose NFT, and the secret tribe might leave a surprise at your doorstep…“

Available soon for purchase, collectors can expect to see several available combinations in this adorable NFT collection. This includes different eyes, mouths, headwear, clothing, neckwear and background scenes. This makes the possibilities endless on what collectors can expect to find! The collection will be on BSC network and will only have 2000 available for purchase. These NFTs will cost 0.03BNB each which is very affordable for any buyer!

Their designs are incredible. They have a cartoon design similar to Disney characters! This collection is perfect for any collector looking to add nostalgia in their gallery. In their mystery box collectors can find random combinations. The earlier they mint the NFT, the rarer it will be! So do not wait on this! 

If you are interested in this collection be sure to check out all of their links: 

WEBSITE: https://lmoosecoin.com/nft.html

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lmooseofficial

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/lmooseglobal

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