Lezhin Entertainment Partners with Anime-Planet

Exciting News! Lezhin Entertainment has partnered with Anime-Planet in August of 2020! They will provide exclusive content for Anime-Planet’s online reading portal. A great way to read manga, light novels, and webtoons!

Lezhin will have hundreds of webtoon episodes on Anime-Planet’s that are exclusive to Lezhin Comics. Many popular genres will be featured such as BL, GL, romance, action, and much more!

“I’m excited for this opportunity to share the amazing webtoons we have at Lezhin Entertainment with a larger global audience. Anime-Planet, as a leading destination for webtoon information, represents an amazing opportunity to reach a broader audience with Korean webtoons.” –Jae Heung Jeon, President of Lezhin Entertainment’s US division

“We’re thrilled to have a chance to work with Lezhin on this project and to help promote their webtoons on Anime-Planet. Our users love webtoons, especially BL content that Lezhin is famous for, and we look forward to helping grow both communities while promoting the legal side of the industry.” –Kim Cameron, Founder

“Everyone at Lezhin Entertainment is really excited for this partnership with Anime-Planet! A-P is loaded with great features to track and filter their massive database of manga, webtoons, webnovels and anime. It’s always been wonderful to see all the interaction with Lezhin Comics titles on Anime-Planet and, now, having our titles on A-P feels like a leap forward into the community. We plan to work closely with Anime-Planet and keep bringing amazing webtoons to audiences around the world.”-Michael Song, US Content Lead

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