Leprechauns Land Review

The NFT world continues to expand and more and more artists jump into the blockchain. Today we are going to chat all about the NFT collection Leprechauns Land and what makes them so different. Let’s chat all about their design.

There are a total of 10,017 rare, randomly generated Leprechauns that live as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum Blockchain. Their hand-drawn designs are what makes the art for these NFTs so special. There are 117 traits each Leprechaun can have! Their designs bring back the feeling of watching old cartoons. There are also 7 special leprechauns unique to the collection that is currently kept a mystery.

But they are also a unique and special collection because owning a Leprechaun NFT is the only way to be able to mine and own ERINs. The developers have committed to using part of the funds from the sale of the NFTs to back a minimum value of the ERINs, which makes them a very interesting token financially.

In short, by acquiring a Leprechaun NFT you are making a triple investment: in art, in a new token with a floor price in ETH, and consequently in ETH. Few NFT projects offer so much and are so complete.

On their website you can see their roadmap. This is great because you will be able to see where this NFT collection will be going in the future. You can follow their roadmap HERE!

They also have a Discord Server where you can interact with the creators and fans of NFTs! This is a perfect place to join if you want to stay updated on all their news and events. Be sure to check them out today to learn more about their amazing project. Support their work by following their links:

-website https://leprechauns.land/

-Twitter https://twitter.com/NFTLeprechauns

-Imstagram https://www.instagram.com/leprechaunsland/

-Discord https://t.co/HXF6Fyenc9?s=09

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