Kawaii Kon. A Convention YOU Do Not Want To Miss!

Due to Covid 19, many conventions shut down and successfully held their cons online. However, with the way the world is moving forward Geek Culture conventions like New York Comic Con are reopening. Hawaii’s largest anime convention, Kawaii Kon will be reopening for an in-person con this year. Coming to the Hawaii Convention Center on November 19 – 21, 2021, Kawaii Kon is back in action and ready to reopen to the public!

So what is Kawaii Kon? Kawaii Kon is an annual three-day celebration of Japanese culture, anime, and pop culture held in Honolulu, Hawaii! You can learn more about tickets and events on their official website page HERE

Kawaii Kon has many events! Such as but not limited to:

  • Art Auctions
  • Artist Alley Games
  • Cosplay (Costume) Contests
  • Formal Ball
  • Lolita Tea Party
  • Speed Dating
  • Video Game Tournaments
  • Table Top Tournaments

Kawaii Kon also invites many well-known guests to their events such as Steven Blum and Eri Sasaki!

Be sure to check out Kawaii Kon’s social pages for updates about upcoming events! All Ages of Geek is certainly excited to see this event since our studio just moved to Hawaii!


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1 comment on “Kawaii Kon. A Convention YOU Do Not Want To Miss!

  1. Sean Velasquez says:

    I remember going to “Oni-con” and it was a blast!

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