Karen No Yoru Monogatari Review

Anime and manga fans will be thrilled to hear about Karen No Yoru Monogatari! Not only are they Tokens but there is a game being developed as well as a manga. But what makes this so special? Not many Tokens have a story to follow but Karen does. 


Karen No Yoru Monogatari! follows a 3 part episode style.  

– I’m not a bar code

– Night walk 

– Last phone call

The story is set in 2103, after the world’s elite took control of all earth’s resources. Karen is going to lose her cell phone and she has to get it back. At the same time, Karen lost her boyfriend and she sank into deep sadness. His deceased friend will help to find his cell phone in the city at night. By the time Karen finds the phone, she will meet a strange guy called the Reaper.

The design for Karen is incredible. In an anime style collectors can expect to find Karen in multiple outfits. Making each token unique and original. Collectors would be lucky to add this to their gallery since there is a story behind each piece. Not only will you get to learn more about Karen but you will be able to add an amazing piece to your collection.

Now let’s chat about the game. The first of the many games to come in the Karen universe, this game allows you to play as a random civilian in the city. You are able to become a gangster and face SFOS, a real estate agent, lazy, or even fight against the mutant infection that invades the ruins of the city. The possibilities are endless. With the ability to accept main and side quests this game is the next big thing. The pixelated designs and amazing quests allow gamers from all over to have fun and fall in love with this game! Be sure to support the game and read all about their roadmap HERE.

You can even join their Discord server to interact with the community, discover giveaways, and even stay updated on all things Karen. With over 100 members you can interact with the creators and fans! Be sure to join their Discord today. 







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