Interview with VTuber Liz – Laziest Isekai VTuber?!

Meet Liz! An upcoming VTuber who is going to be known as an office lady who suddenly sent into an Isekai world of anime. She has so many ideas in store for you along with some personal stories to share about being an AMV Creator before jumping into the rabbit hole of VTubing!

1) Why did you want to become a VTuber?

I always enjoyed making people laugh, whether they’re friends, family, or someone I just met recently, so that right there is a big part of it. I’ve also really, really wanted to start streaming games for years at this point, especially ones I love that lots of people might’ve never heard of. Buuut I wasn’t a fan of the idea that I might need to put my face out there, since I can sometimes be super expressive and go silent a lot while making exaggerated faces, but didn’t want to have my appearance in the back of my mind the whole time.

I remembered seeing Kizuna AI blow up on YouTube for a while, but thought that was just all company-backed stuff and nothing obtainable for me. Cool tech, but that’s about it. I figured maybe streaming just wasn’t for me…then I saw a video of a shrine maiden playing GTA. Then a white fox girl singing Scatman. Then a girl trying and failing to be cute while playing a difficult Mario fangame. And down the rabbit hole I went and have been for a few years now.

Then when I started seeing indie VTubers pop up, I knew it was something within my reach and a way to finally do what I’ve been wanting to do without making myself uncomfortable in the process. So! VTuber it is.

Being a (hopefully) funny, expressive anime lady that people can relax and unwind to sounded like a good time for everyone involved.

2) Any personal stories to share as a creator?

Hmmm … Well, back when I was a lot younger, I used to be part of the AMV (anime music video) scene! I don’t think I have any personal stories specifically to share about it, but I will say being part of that while it was nearing it’s height was a powerful lesson in never giving up if you wanna be seen. It’s gonna be rough, and it’ll feel like more popular creators are taking all the limelight you could’ve had, but that’s not true at all. Everyone started from the bottom and had to climb up from it, and you can absolutely do it too! Cheesy, I know, but it really is true.

Now none of my AMVs got to be super popular, but whenever I really tried hard, I was usually rewarded for it with more views on my videos! I have to wonder where I would’ve been if I didn’t get frustrated with it and give up, so I say to whoever reads this to not be like me I guess! Don’t give up just because it feels frustrating! If you really wanna create, keep creating and trying hard!

3) Who are some of your inspirations in the VTuber Community?

Oh gosh, um. Nyanners is one big one. She’s not afraid to say absolutely ridiculous things and be herself, and I love that. There’s also Nerine, who I used to follow before she even started being a Vtuber – I’m very proud of how she’s rebuilt herself in a way that makes her happier! In terms of even bigger Vtubers, I’d have to say Calliope Mori, Houshou Marine … Especially Marine. Lots of people only focus on Marine being lewd, but her stories of her life working at an office really hit home for someone my age. She can be incredibly relatable sometimes.

4) What are your goals as a VTuber?

“Give people a cozy place to laugh and relax” is the number one thing. That’s a big part of why I watch a lot of VTubers now, and I have no doubt that’s the same reason for a lot of other people. I also want to spread awareness of other amazing games that it really feels like no one has even heard of! Most people don’t know who Falcom is, let alone the Ys series! Then there’s so many visual novels that tell amazing stories, indie games with high reviews but so few purchases … So I wanna encourage people to try games that may be outside of their usual sphere. Some might be even cheaper than games they usually get!

Finally, I want to help people out with tech setup. I’m an IT person myself, built my own desktop and will be building a new one once I get all the parts together, and I’d be happy to help people out with gaining better understanding of PC hardware. It’s not as scary as some might think! … Oh and uh affiliate at the end of the year, of course. And 500 subs on Youtube! Gotta have some personal goals for myself too and all that.

5) How do you think VTubing can help creators express themselves?

That’s surprisingly hard to answer, honestly! I feel like, being a VTuber helps you get past the initial shyness that putting yourself out there physically would normally bring. You don’t need to worry about whether your hair is doing that dumb thing it does sometimes, or if you’ve got crumbs on your face while you’re snacking, or what people think of your shirt – you have your avatar! You can focus less on what people might see of your appearance and more on being yourself – or your idealized self, or acting out a role, whatever it is.

People can also express themselves through the art and appearance of their avatar, in ways that might be otherwise impossible or unreachable for them at the moment. They can fully be themselves, in whatever way that means for them!

6) What is the inspiration behind your VTuber model?

My model isn’t completely finished just yet, but I really wanted to go with the theme of “completely normal anime nerd office lady ends up in an Isekai” and have an evolving story from there. Right now, she’s still staying behind doors, not exploring around or wearing anything special aside from cozy lounge clothes. What will happen next? How will her appearance, clothes, and maybe even abilities change and grow from here? Will she actually become an Isekai protag VTuber, or stick to being a side character? It all depends on a bunch of things, including how chatting with viewers and the like goes!

All in all it’s really exciting for me and I hope others will be excited too once I start streaming! The pink hair though … That’s just because I work a job where I can’t have that, and I’m a little too self-conscious at my age to dye my hair, haha. I’m not THAT old, but y’know …

7) What is the style of your streams/videos?

Since I haven’t started just yet, I’ll give an approximation of what I’m aiming for: Cozy. I’m not “seiso”, so to speak, but I’m not quite lewd either. I make dumb jokes that are lewd, and my model will indeed have some rather large honkerdonkeroos, but that won’t be my focus or style really. So! Cozy in-between, where I try to be as wholesome as I can manage before I accidentally drop a bunch of swears and make cheesy “that’s what she said!!” jokes and one-liners.

And uh, I guess for general things, I’ll be streaming a lot of JRPGs, rhythm games, and games so old you used to need to boot them up via floppy disc. Also cozy story time chats, tech chats, the occasional lore update streams where people can influence where things go next for me lore-wise … I’ve got a lot of ideas.

8) Any fun stories to share while on your VTuber journey?

Unfortunately not really. I mean, I found out I haven’t done a test stream since 2016, but that’s not too fun I think. And saying “My followers here are more than any other social media I have!” sounds a tad sad, even if it doesn’t make me sad at all. The community has been incredibly welcoming and sweet to me, so why would I be? So less fun stories and more little factoids I guess.

Oh, well, getting interviewed is a fun thing to have happen to you, so there’s this right here and now!

9) What is some advice you can give to others in the VTuber Community?

I accidentally ended up answering this way earlier, whoops. But since I’m new to actually involving myself in this community, I have to say the biggest thing is not being afraid to reach out! If you’re still too shy to comment or DM someone, like I can be sometimes for a lot of reasons, you can like posts or follow people in the community instead.

There’s always a way to involve yourself in this community, even if you’re very shy or anxious. It can be hard for those of us who are, but just know whether you take off overnight or have slow growth, you’re a valuable member of the VTuber community and we’re all proud of how far you’ve gotten, okay?

10) Where can people find you online? What’s your social media?

I’m largely on Twitter, but I’ve got a Youtube and Twitch account! All of these are still being fixed up still, sorry for the scuffed mess!


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