Interview with Streamer Demon of Empire

by: @tastauffer 

As you are a gaming channel, what would you say your favorite game to capture and play for your audience has been?

I wanna say…Mass Effect?? *Laughs* Just because its also one of my favorite games to binge play over and over again.

What do you hope to play in the future? What game are you looking forward to the most in 2022?

There are quite a few games I’m looking forward to this year. ARK 2 being one. 

There’s also Life is Strange Remastered. Gotham Knights as well. I wanna say The Wolf Among Us 2 is what I’m most looking forward to, but we don’t have an official release date on that Just Yet. That being said, I think I’m gonna go with ARK 2.

Doing long lets-plays can be challenging in the aspect of keeping viewers entertained. Do you feel like you’d still do them anyways? Why or why not?

Well, I feel like I would definitely still do those let’s plays, mainly because I wanna stay busy, and I’m afraid if I go too long without uploading or streaming I’ll feel like I’m being too lazy. *Laughs*

What would you say is the biggest challenge in content making?

For me personally, I think it’s commentary. I’ve always been self-conscious about what I say during my streams and videos. Whenever I used to do video reviews on various things, I found myself getting constant mental blocks, so I had to redo various takes over and over again due to my mental processing issue. With streaming I’m more so just afraid of saying the wrong thing. More recently, it’s gotten to the point where I made the decision not to do commentary on my playthroughs anymore.

It can be nice to have a sense of community with your viewers. What would you name as one of the best examples of this on your channel?

Well, as a smaller channel I’m almost always available to interact with people who comment on my videos. It’s always been nice to have more people show up on my channel whenever I used to co-stream with other streamers. This is also how I managed to garner additional support for my channel. I used to play games with viewers on streams too of course. I played Fortnite with viewers, Farcry V, etc. Back in the day, I co-streamed ARK: Survival Evolved with another streamer, which was pretty fun. Unfortunately, I haven’t done any Joint Streaming in a long time. I miss it honestly.

Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to start doing video game lets plays as you have?

Follow Twitch and YouTube TOS. Make sure to know what you’re doing. Also make sure you’re having fun, because you need to enjoy what you’re doing in order to do a good job.

What do you feel is the biggest difference between streaming and recording?

Editing. Recording content means being able to edit said content as you see fit. With streaming you can’t do that. Of course with editing, I find myself being more OCD with the recorded content I put out. This is why I also like streaming to balance it out.

Is there anything you’d like to add? Anyone you’d like to shout-out?

I wanna give a shoutout to Sangelsaur on Twitch. That’s My Sister.

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