Interview With Artist Cremanata_art!

We interviewed an amazing artist! Check it out!

  1. How long have you been doing art?

Since 2013, when I was 15, but I took plenty of breaks since then and even stopped drawing for about 2 years. It was in 2018 that I went back to art and started taking it more seriously and as a potential career.

2. What is your favorite thing about being an artist?

I just like being able to create things and share them with other people, knowing that others could enjoy my work too! 

3. What inspired you to start?

I had always liked drawing, but I think learning about the existence of deviantArt was my biggest inspiration. Before that, I didn’t even know what digital art was and had no idea how it was done in the first place (I was convinced everyone did these amazing pieces using only their mouse, or just scanned their traditional art). 

So looking at this big community of artists and all their different art styles, watching speedpaints, reading their webcomics and learning about their projects, I really wanted to become a part of that community, and hopefully become as good as my favorite artists one day.  

4. What advice would you give to newer artists?

We’ve all heard this, but practice is very very important. Go out of your comfort zone, study the fundamentals, study the work of professional artists, use references… not everything will come out exactly like you wanted, but don’t get discouraged and keep working towards improvement!

You might sometimes feel like you’re not making any progress, but even if you’re still not where you want to be yet, someday you’ll look back at your older work and realize how far you’ve come.

That being said, burnout is a very real thing, and constantly pushing yourself to draw when you don’t even have the energy for it can also slow down your progress, so take as many breaks as you need.

5. Do you have a favorite piece? If so why?

This one! There’s some things I would have done differently now, but I had a lot of fun with the computer vibes!

6. What are your plans for 2021?

Well, since I’m graduating from college this year, I’d just like to focus more on my art, continue improving, and explore some options in order to make a living out of it – maybe merch, maybe streaming, maybe practicing animation, nothing too certain yet, but I’m excited to see where this year takes me!


Twitter: @cremanata_art

Instagram: @cremanat.a

Tumblr: @cremanata

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