Indie Game Focus: Grumpy Witch – A Side-Scrolling Saga with Sass!

In July All Ages of Geek wants to spread the word about amazing Indie Games! Scrolling through IndieGoGo we came across Grumpy Witch – A Side-Scrolling Saga with Sass! Be sure to watch the trailer here to learn more about this Indie Game!

ABOUT Grumpy Witch – A Side-Scrolling Saga with Sass!

“Grumpy Witch: Emilia’s Revenge is currently on Indiegogo! You can visit our fundraising campaign, as well as play a functional alpha demo of the game itself, by visiting https://igg.me/at/grumpywitch! A classic side-scrolling saga of grumpy witches and magical misadventure, designed by industry veterans from WayForward, EA, and Cryptic! Build a customized protagonist and battle your way across seven realms on foot and broomstick, gathering new powers and crossing wands with a colorful cast of spellcasters and ne’er-do-wells. SHOW LESS”

Be sure to support their IndieGoGo!

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Sean Velasquez

This absolutely gives me old internet game vibes, but in a really good way!

Matt Turiano

Very cute looking game

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