Mobile Game Focus: First Impressions of Red’s Kingdom


Red’s Kingdom is a game that I recently heard about. So I decided to take a closer look at this squirrely puzzle (pun intended) game. One word only comes to mind when playing this game: Cute. The way they talk, the animations, it’s cute all-around. The look of this game reminds me of early 2005 – 2008 animated TV shows. Now, I can’t say exactly why. Not because it’s a spoiler, but because I don’t think I could put it to words.

Another thing I like about this game is the playstyle of it. I am a huge fan of puzzle games, like the Professor Layton series. While this is not like Professor Layton style of puzzles, it is the style of puzzle where you move your character in a straight line, trying to collect all the things you need to collect. Simple mechanic, but add some obstacles, and suddenly a nice simple puzzle is now a bit more difficult.

Overall, it an adorable, relaxing, puzzle game. You can pick this game up at: Google Play Store, Apple Store, Steam, and the Nintendo Eshop!

Check out All Ages of Geeks gameplay:

William is a writer at All Ages of Geek. You can follow him on Twitter @Iron_Qrow

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