Indie Game Focus: Convo Dice

Looking for a new game to play with your friends and family? Check out Convo Dice! Convo Dice is the perfect app for ice breakers. But how does it work?

Rules for “ConvoDice”

Thank you and welcome to ConvoDice! Let’s get the conversation rolling 😀

The rules are simple:

You can play with them on their own, Or You can play with them as an add-on in games that have those long turns that you’re just stuck waiting for your turn to begin 🙂

With that in mind, everything is subjective, so don’t get caught up on if it’s a hard prompt. Just make it easy on yourself and say what you think your counterparts would like to hear or what you want to hear.

Step 1:

You roll all 3 dice

Step 2:

You read the prompt aloud:

1st: Red

2nd: Blue

3rd: Green

Step 3:

Interpret and say your prompt

Ex: Funny, Flaw, about a Friend

That’s it! Now if your prompt is ever stumping you, choose one die to reroll and now say your new prompt Play as individuals or team up to help each other remember memories that fit the prompt”

Check out All Ages of Geeks review on Convo Dice to learn more:

Convo Dice is perfect for parties, nights out, work events, class intros and more! Convo Dice is easy to use, VERY user friendly and has adorable character designs. Be sure to download it today to learn more!


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