Indie Game Feature: Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice

We recently came across the game Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice. This game is extremely incredible. Not only does it have amazing graphics and gameplay, the concept behind it is truly amazing. Many games lack in graphics however Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice breaks the norm. Let’s chat about what this game is about.

“Challenge yourself to save the love of your life in Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice! Embark in this grueling journey to hell and show Hades who’s the boss by jumping right into his lair and defeating all of his deadly traps! Or, can you?”

Check out the game trailer: 

Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice is perfect for any streamer. Not only does it have great gameplay but it also is definitely a rage game! This makes amazing content for streamers and maybe even VTubers. Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice truly is a perfect for any gamer looking for a new game to check out during their free time. This Die&Retry takes place during greek mythology time and tells the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice also has amazing designs for their characters and maps. Each level has its own unique twist to it! The backgrounds are truly amazing as well making this game even better. Those who are fans of games like Flappy Bird, Happy Wheels, and rage games will especially enjoy this game play.

If you are interested in learning more about Orpheus: Fall For Eurydice.and playing this incredible game be sure to check out all the links. Not only are you in store for great graphics, music, and story, the character designs are very unique. Consider downloading it today. 





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