“I don’t want to go yet” Review from Fears Through Figures

The internet has been flooded with new NFTs everyday. Each day you hear about new creators and artists joining the space and bringing their visions to the metaverse. Some that are hand drawn, others done by online programs and technology, and of course photographs. Today we are going to discuss an NFT that is truly different from the rest. One that tells a story in a nostalgic way. Let’s chat all about the NFT I don’t want to go yet from the collection Fears Through Figures.

Before we chat about I don’t want to go yet let’s discuss what Fears Through Figures is all about. Over on OpenSea the creator discusses their work. This description is a perfect way to get into the mind of the creator as these NFTs were made. 

“My work is a dive into my personal relationship with fears and how they can be thought of in different ways in order to make them less of a burden. By using playful figures in cartoon-like stances I am giving my fears a more childlike view and making some harsh realities a little more palatable for any viewers. Each photo explains a different fear from more metaphorical things such as loss in general to more literal subjects like the fear of getting older or dying. The work follows the same character in different forms to represent me, but also to put the viewer into the perspective of the one man  shown to relate to some of the more common fears.”

The beauty of this art is the viewers can interpret it however they like. Bringing awareness to many important topics such as mental health, this collection does not shy away from these subjects. The amazing part of this collection is the way it uses nostalgia, making it easier to think about topics such as anxiety and depression. Not only are these NFTs creative with the use of lighting, photography, and editing, but they are perfect for any collector looking to expand their gallery. Fans of Batman especially will love Fears Through Figures.

Now let’s talk all about I don’t want to go yet. This piece shows Batman waiting at a bus stop. The amazing part of this NFT is it has realistic lighting, as if the sun was going down after a long day at work. Batman is shown with his mask off, he has a beard and is waiting on the bench. This piece depicts Batman as an older man. He is holding a cane and waiting patiently for the bus. 

“The sixth edition of my series Fear through Figures marks a fear of getting old and hoping you’re ready for when the last bus comes.” A powerful message that this NFT has in store for collectors. The amazing part of this piece is the story behind it. Helping the creator deal with their fears and anxieties, this NFT will even help viewers. The story will help collectors think about fears in a nostalgic way! A perfect way to bring awareness to touchy matters. 

If you are interested in learning more about this piece and the collection, be sure to support their journey today. 

Fears Through Figures

I don’t want to go yet

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