How Did You Discover All Ages of Geek?

We are always interested in how you discovered All Ages of Geek. Maybe from a gameplay, a Weeb Watch-a-Thon reaction episode or even a live stream. Let us know how you discovered All Ages of Geek and join us for daily entertainment from videos, podcasts, streams, gaming and more.

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All Ages of Geek is a multimedia production company focusing on geek culture web-series, podcasts, live streams, and gaming. Read about us on some of these articles!

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オタクコミュニティーに向けたエンターテインメント All Ages Of Geek

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Nymph O'nomicon

I’m pretty sure I first became aware of AAOG through some reaction videos Kat was doing on Youtube. Not sure what she was reacting to, possibly something LoL related…

Tom Key

I was roaming youtube seeking reactions to the Warbringers for WoW BFA, and found Kat’s. Then saw Kay was reacting to RWBY, and have been here ever since.

Sean Velasquez

In 2018 an incredible adventure came out by the name of God of War, and I followed Cory Barlog in Twitter. As I was scrolling through Twitter I noticed he retweeted a link to a YouTube video. A video that had a girl playing his game, now I’ve seen several play throughs by now, but this one got Cory’s attention, and I wanted to know why. I clicked the link and as I was watching something happened that I don’t see that often in play through. She began to cry . . . Not just that, she told us why, shared her story and even gave her own personal advice and lessons with it. She was someone who saw past the flare and flash and saw the story Cory was trying to tell. It made me more invested in this playthrough and this channel. which was only enforced by her Detroit become human playthrough. That’s when I realized that this was something special, and I’ve been involved in this journey ever since.

Jed Mohammed

I Found Kat and AAOG back during her Spiderman PS4 playthrough went it was called MiscatSquad, loved her chaotic energy and just all round enthusiasm for geek culture so much so that I was drawn in and have been a part of this wonderful discord for over 10 months now and I don’t regret it one bit


I discovered All Ages of Geek (at the time Miscat Squad) last year through Kat’s RWBY reactions. I did not become a patreon supporter until this year.

Christian Malley

i Discovered All ages of geek in 2018 over thannelhe Youtube C

Christian Malley

i mean over the Youtbue Channel

Ryan Matthews

While Volume six of RWBY was coming out I saw Kat had begun reacting and felt in the mood to see a fresh perspective. Later she came out with the video ‘We need to talk…’ and it really spoke to me. Now I am in it for the long haul.

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