Hiruko NFTs: Benefits and Gaming

Hiruko NFTs is a new collection allowing holders to have their own uniques characters while enjoying great utilities. “Hiruko is the god of the morning sun which symbolise yearning for new life.” These NFTs ensure that all holders will receive benefits that will support them in the virtual and real world. These NFTs are extremely unique and worth checking out.

The NFTs are made up of four different races. Hiruko NFT is also a competitive game for WEB2 and WEB3 gamers. Races determine how battles will play out. Races include:

The Gods: “According to legends, the Gods were the first beings in the creation of the world. They are the incarnation of wisdom, power, and decisiveness. Their existence brought the world to a higher dimension. However, their constant pursuit of greater power and authority makes them greedy and goes against their original aspirations as gods.”

The Demons: “A demon is a malevolent spirit that embodies a sin or negativity that feeds on the darker parts of the mortal mind, such as anger, hunger, depression, and lust. In order to suppress the power of Demons, Gods imprisoned them in a dark abyss. They are full of resentment and hatred from their imprisonment, they thrive on deception and destruction. Are they going to assist Humans or are they fighting for total domination of the world?”

The Angels: “Angels are able to compete with Gods for the divine position. They are naturally proud and at times arrogant. The Angels are subject to an angelic ruling, that is, they must not take part in any battle. However, they can help and make pacts with humans who need their guidance.”

Mankind: “The largest kin in the world. They are brave, thirsty for knowledge, and resilient as they refuse to give in even though they are not born with the power of the other kins. They relentlessly seek to find the strength to compete with other kin and maintain their place in the world. Under the leadership of the patriarch of the human kin, mankind will move towards a brighter future.”

The great part is this collection offers different character art and styles that follow the lore to each race. Winners of each game will receive benefits that help boost their NFT! There are 8,888 NFTs available. 2220 Gods, 2220 Demons, 2220 Angels, and 2220 Humans along with 8 legendary NFTs.

This new collection is beneficial in many ways. Their utilities truly make them stand out from other NFT collections. Utilities included:

– Daily free tokens: holders will be able to claim tokens as they complete tasks
– Rank Bonus: holders can increase their rank based on a referral system

-Bonuses: based on the % of volume in the game bonuses are distributed based on ranks.

-Monthly Passive Bonus: holders will receive profit sharing from the game as a token of gratitude for being an early supporter.

-VIP Events: holders will receive access to events.

-The Arena: holders can participate in tournaments to win prizes.

-Recruitment Bonus: holders can invite players with their own unique code and earn bonuses.

-Daily Rewards: each day holders will receive game credits.

With this huge list of benefits supporters can expect to receive a lot from this collection. This NFT collection is also available on social media and discord. There you can interact with likeminded individuals while staying updated with this amazing collection. If you are interested in learning more consider checking out all of their links.





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