Googleys Collection NFT Review

A new and adorable NFT collection joins Mintable! Googleys Collection. This collection focuses on characters with googley eyes. Each NFT comes with their own original and silly story that explains who they are. This is incredibly special because each character is explored! So it is not just an NFT, it’s a story too! Today we are going to focus on one of the NFTs in this collection, Cross Eyed Cat!

“Cross Eyed Cat Googley loves to look both ways while crossing the road. Accepts himself as cute in a weird way – is not rabid. Allergies include: children and green beans.” Cross Eyes Cat Googley is a perfect NFT for any collector! His adorable design and story brings out his unique traits! Do you ever hear of any NFT having allergies? This little guy does. Children and green beans! 

Googleys Collection includes five NFTs so far. Alongside our friend Cross Eyed Cat Googley, there are other adorable NFTs! These NFTs are not just still images.There are 2D and also other Animated ones. The animated ones are professionally animated in their own way. Each NFT has an original story and design.

If you want to be a part of these Googley NFTs stories, be sure to support the artist. You can follow them on Twitter HERE. You can also view ALL the NFTs in the Googleys Collection HERE. Be sure to support these adorable NFTs by checking them out today!

Do you have a favorite design from this collection? Leave a comment down below and tell us! We would love to hear your thoughts! 

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