Game Feature: Battle Creatures

Today we are here to recommend an amazing mobile game for you! Let’s chat all about Battle Creatures and what this fun game is all about. Developed by KW Development LLC fans of multiplayer games will love to learn more HERE

Those who love playing games with family and friends will absolutely adore Battle Creatures. Not only is the design adorable but the controls are easy to understand. You can check out this game on Google Play and check it out  for yourself. 

If you’re into online battle games Battle Creatures will be the perfect way to kill some time. With a very simple style and rewards for VIP members Battle Creatures allows you to experience a new way of online play. Join a game, create a game, and let this weird and wacky game entertain you for hours.

How to Play Battle Creatures

In HOST/JOIN mode; Whether player one or player two, the game host must shoot first. Make sure the firewall is turned off on your device before starting gameplay. If the player’s health is equal to 90 after the 3-minute gameplay interval, they will win the game. If the player’s deaths and kills are equal to 3 or more, they will lose the game. 

The game host is Player One and the player who joins a game is Player Two. Only one player can join a host’s game. The in-game timer is blue if the player’s time is equal to three minutes, yellow if the player has a minute and a half or less left, bright red if the player has forty-five seconds or less left, and magenta when the time reaches 0. 

Both the host player and the player who joins a game can purchase a wisdom potion or gem from the in-game store to power up. But, only the host player can purchase more ammo. The player who joins a game never runs out of ammo. 

In HOST/JOIN mode, if you’ve purchased a VIP subscription; click the button at the top of the screen labeled ‘VIP’ to receive your VIP benefits such as daily rewards, private game info (username, password, score, level, kills, and deaths) anti-cheat technology, and a list of available local players.

In ONLINE mode, you win the game if your kills are over 5 and your health is over 65. In ONLINE mode, you lose the game if your health is under or equal to 50. When you lose the game, you have the option of continuing the game, damaging other players without restarting and losing all of your current progress. If you lose the game and you continue the game, players can’t damage you, but you can damage other players. Just press the blue ‘Continue Game’ button. 

The gyroscope within the game displays your character’s moves when you rotate your device if your phone contains a gyroscope. If you lose the game and have to restart when the game returns to the main menu, press the ‘Quit’ button to close the app, and then you can play again. 

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