Fer Vara Art Review

The Nfts are here to stay, beyond being a bargaining token in a decentralized economy, many of them are unique and beautiful pieces of art that technology is responsible for giving them their individuality and this time we review one of those cases where a good art is embodied in the blockchain. Today we are going to chat all about Fer Vara and their amazing NFTs you should consider checking out.

Who is Fer Vara?

This amazing artist was born in Mexico and at the young age of 15 moved to North Carolina. then returned to Mexico to study art. During their time studying he learned about painting and drawing. Fer Vara’s goal is to surpass his work day by day and become a better artist. Now you can check out their amazing work as an NFT. Today we are going to check out three different pieces. The first piece is called “Blue Jay.” This is a Fer Vara and @OrtizArt collaboration. You will see a realistic Blue Jay looking backwards. The colors truly bring out a nostalgic feeling, taking you back the joy you feel when the winter season ends. The mix of unique colors is what makes this piece amazing. Totally digital handmade, this NFT was created on Procreate, Infinity Painter, and Photoshop! Collectors can check it out on HERE.

Fer Vara’s next work is a collection called “Art on Napkins.” You can view it on OpenSea. This is a series of hand drawn characters on napkins! The unique part about this collection is you will also be sent a physical copy of the art on a napkin. The line work is truly incredible, showing the real talent Fer Vera has.

 Last, but certainly not least is Fer Vara’s and Ortiz Art’s collaborative piece “Sisters.” This expressive NFT is on OpenSea and collectors looking to add a more traditional realistic piece to their gallery will love this work of art. In this image you will see a grandmother, mother and daughter coming out of the same soul. Not only is this piece very powerful in its symbolic meaning but the artistry is very unique and beautiful.

Be sure to check out the links to support all of these pieces today:





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