Fade Away Bunny NFT Review

Today we are back with more news from Shiori Kawana. In fact, our friends over at Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace introduced her work to us. Today we will be talking all about her work, and her new NFTs that just launched!

As discussed HERE In “Fade-Away Bunny” the reader follows Suutan, a young bunny who is challenged by her mental health. She faces depression, insomnia, anxiety and much more throughout the story. This manga is darker themed but touches on important topics. The art is similar to “Egwin & Friends” giving the characters a unique kawaii style. But there is more to this story. There are now NFTs based on Fade-Away Bunny. 

But what are these NFTs all about? There are over 200 million possible designs. Fans of Fade-Away Bunny will love these adorable NFTs, not only will you be able to have your very own unique bunny but you can also use them as your profile picture on Trophee.xyz. The designs are incredible and adorable! Fans will love this NFT collection from Shiori Kawana. The exciting part about these NFTs is when you purchase one you are not just buying a new piece of art. You are also gaining membership and access to a club that will have many benefits in the future. 

If you want to learn more about Shiori Kawana you can check her out on her LINE blog to see

some of her recent works! She is on Twitter so you can keep up with ALL of her upcoming

news. You can also catch “Fade-Away Bunny” as an NFT HERE!

Spread some love for your favorite Mangaka and let us know what your favorite manga is



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