Eye of the Empress Movie Poster NFT Review

Today we are going to chat all about a very special NFT titled Eye of the Empress Movie Poster. This NFT is a movie poster and many collectors would be lucky to add this NFT to their gallery. Now let’s chat about the movie. 

On their Open Sea page the movie description tells us exactly what this movie is about: “Unique movie poster art of action film series “Eye of the Empress” which is about action heroine, Skylar’s quest to find the Empress diamond. Skylar (the Good) has to face El Chico Malo (the Bad), Boris (the Ugly) and a slew of bad guy henchmen. This film involves martial arts and fight scenes.” Not only would fans of the movie love to add this to their collection, but, NFT collectors who are interested in real life NFTs would be lucky to have this one too. 

In this NFT you will see both of the main characters of the movie. This movie poster has amazing colors and text for their title. The beauty of this NFT is the title and characters are the main focus, making it easy for viewers to understand what this movie is about. 

This NFT is listed for 0.01. Those who are interested in purchasing this NFT should visit their OpenSea HERE! For those of you interested in showing your support be sure to share the news about Eye of the Empress Movie Poster by sharing it on social media, or watching the original movie!

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