Elite Doge Club Review

Artists and creators from around the world have been expressing themselves in the metaverse.
Photography, music, digital art, traditional art, they all have been seen as NFTs. The possibilities
on who enters the metaverse are endless! Today we are going to chat all Elite Doge Club. We
will discuss their designs and how you can support them!

“Welcome to the EliteDogeClub! We are proud to bring you a novel collection of 100,000
representations of our favorite dog, Doge. We have mixed cute features with some light and
dark humour to bring Doge to life in a very unique way. EliteDogeClub aims to be inclusive and to welcome buyers of all budgets. Our goal is to be the gateway to new NFT buyers.”

This collection is perfect for collectors looking to add more cartoon styled NFTs to their gallery.
The artist is Julien, who is the animator of GOT and Stranger Things! These NFTs showcase the Doge with many different outfits and facial expressions. You may find Doge in bunny ears, with an upside down head, or even just a classic Doge! The possibilities are endless with this collection. This new collection is very well priced and is a great segway into the NFT world. They want to be the gateway to new NFT buyers. Every collector needs to check out their work!

This new collection has a lot in store for their supporters as they grow. For example in Phase 3
they plan on launching their first annual NFT influencer and artist awards.This will recognize
people in the NFT industry who have made an impact and they will be presented with a
customized NFT. Over on their amazing website you can check out what else they plan on doing as they grow.

This collection also has a Discord Server where supporters can join to chat with like minded
people. This is the perfect place to be if you are interested in staying updated about the
collection. They also have a Twitter where they keep their supporters updated. Be sure to follow them to learn more about their project. If you are looking to support this project consider giving them a follow. Not only will you be in store for great designs and updates, this will also be the place to perhaps find your next big NFT. Support them today. You will not regret it!

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