EeriCity Review

The internet has been flooded with new NFTs everyday. Each day you hear about new creators and artists joining the space and bringing their visions to the metaverse. Some that are hand drawn, others done by online programs and technology, and of course photographs. Today we are going to discuss an NFT that is truly different from the rest. Let’s chat all about EeriCity Green.

This amazing collection is designed by a pixel artist. 

“EeriCity Green is the first set of several sets coming up. So, if you like this pixel art but don’t like the green color, just wait a bit. I will have orange and pink coming up next. This eerie city pixelart set consists of 10 unique images, each for sale separately.” 

These NFTs are different from the rest because of the small looped animation. This animation not only brings them to life, it also helps them give a unique flair to the art work. 

These NFTs are perfect for fans of video games like Legend of Zelda and Mario Brothers.  Because of the nostalgic feeling that comes with pixelated art, fans of these video games should consider viewing their NFTs on OpenSea. The dark colors and green windows give it an almost scary feeling allowing fans to interpret what will happen next in EeriCity Green! Collectors looking to add nostalgia to their gallery should jump over to their OpenSea before it is too late!

If you are interested in staying updated on their work be sure to check out all of their links. EeriCity Green is changing the metaverse! Here is something that the creator is working on: 

“The idea is that I have a fictional map of “EeriCity” and 10 locations. My pixel art NFTs are the properties on these locations. The first map is based on green colors and the next upcoming will be pink.” 

Be sure to support their work today! You wont regret it. 


OPENSEA: https://opensea.io/collection/eericity-green



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