DuEffects Review

NFTs are taking over the universe day by day. New artists and creators join the metaverse and bring their visions to the world. Today we are going to chat all about DuEffects. We will discuss where you can support their work, the designs of their NFTs, and the history behind it all. 

The creator behind these NFTs has been passionate about art since the age of 10. These art pieces are now 20 years old.  “At the time I was curious, inspired, and wanted above all to propel my imagination to other horizons. Being passionate about art and technologies, digital art allowed me not only to escape, but also to share my creativity inspired by society facts.These works have long been kept in floppy disks, CD-ROM, USB to eternalize in the universe of NFT.” Now let’s chat about the designs. 

The designs of these NFTs are 100% original. The works in this collection have been kept in a floppy disk, CD-ROM, and a USB for years. They were made when the creator was 14 years old and now they enter the metaverse. These hand drawn pieces have an abstract look to them, making their meanings different for each viewer. Using black, white and gray makes these NFTs feel more modern. The use of only three colors makes them stand out from the crowd because the artist truly thought about each color placement in these amazing artworks. In this collection you will see faces of individuals as well as people, however since it is abstract it is open for interpretation. 

But where can you support their work? Their work is featured on Rarible! There you can browse through their original NFTs and decide which one will be yours. If you are interested in learning more about the face behind the artwork be sure to check out their instagram. These original NFTs will change the flow of the metaverse. 



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