Dino Island NFT Review

Today we are going to chat all about Dino Island. “The island of 8,888 ferociously adventurous dinos on the blockchain. Partner with one of these unique thrill-seeking creatures to uncover the hidden secrets, games and treasures on this lost forgotten continent!” Dino Island is a very adorable and fun NFT collection that any collector would be lucky to add to their gallery. Now let’s talk about their design. 

These NFT’s have a nostalgic feeling to them. Similar to the design seen in Yoshi’s Island, Nintendo fans would love these NFTs. Each dino has their own unique design and accessories. One dino will be seen with a hat while another may be wearing his favorite pair of shades. The possibilities are endless, and these cute dinos have so much character in them. 

On their website you can see their roadmap which shows fans exactly what they can expect to see when Dino Island grows. For example in Stage 2 fans can expect Dino Island to release their first pack of merch! This is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their love for adorable dinos. In Phase 2 you can also expect them to donate to a charity since the folks at Dino Island care about the Islands! Afterwards, they’ll offer a utility coin, generating real dollar value to all of their NFT holders.

Dino Island also has a Discord Server for those who want to learn more about them and the creator behind it all. This will allow you to stay updated with everything Dino Island related, and chat with other NFT fans!

The project is still very early, so best to get in now before they mint their collection in months to come. If you want to support Dino Island and support them in their growth be sure to check out ALL of their links below!





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