Digital Art Review: KindredNFT

All Ages of Geek is on a journey of supporting the artist behind NFTs. These artists put their heart and soul in their creation and we want to bring light to their work. 

Today we are going to chat all about NFT creator KINDREDNFT! This set of NFTs truly breaks the norm when it comes to color choices. The perfect symmetry of the colors is what makes these NFTs so special. The simple designs make it pleasing to the eye. Collectors can expect to find amazing pieces for their NFT collection.

Alongside the perfect colors and designs, collectors can expect to find unique characters. There are a few NFTs in this collection with a character model standing in three different positions. Just like the photos shown above this character has great shading and line work. Those interested in viewing the character should jump HERE to find out more.

This collection does not shy away from creativity, showing the true artistry behind the creator. You can see the love the creator put in each piece, carefully thought out colors, shading and line work, making this collection a true art piece. 

Those interested in these NFTs can jump over HERE to add these pieces into their collection. You will also be able to see more designs from this creator giving you more options to choose from. To stay informed about updates, collectors should jump over to their Instagram and Twitter where you can interact with the creator as well as stay informed on what’s to come. And to stay fully updated be sure to join the Discord!

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