Diaries of a Warcraft Widow Volume II: 6 Things to Do While Your Partner Games

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I’ve written before about the surprise of finding myself in an inter-geekery relationship. If you’re in a relationship with diverging geeky interests, you might not ever be one of those couples who shares a hobby. But the time intensive nature of gaming can leave you with plenty of time to hang out together, even if you’re not actively doing the same thing.

So pull a chair up to the gaming station and do these things while your partner is busy farming in WoW:

  1. Read

Why not indulge in your own nerdy hobby while your partner games and crack open a new book? It’s a quiet, immersive activity to do when you need to occupy yourself for awhile.

  1. Reddit*

Open Reddit on your own device and read the most ridiculous r/AskReddit and r/RelationshipAdvice posts out loud to your partner while they play. Not only will you find yourself in hysterics over the ridiculous responses, some great conversations can be prompted by Reddit.

  1. Netflix*

The beauty of having a triple monitor set-up is that you can throw up a small window for Netflix (or your streaming service of choice) in the corner when not in an action-ridden part of the game. This way you can both watch something together without shorting in-game hours.

  1. Color

Coloring books are one of the best quiet, relaxing activities. They pair well with other activities going on in the room because they require so little extra mental effort.

  1. Crafts

Knit socks. Scrapbook. Whittle. Small craft hobbies are entertaining and portable. If you’re seriously invested in a particular craft, why not set up a craft station next to your partner’s PC and make a hobby den?

  1. Dip Your Toe into the Gaming World, Too

Just because you are not a “gamer” doesn’t mean there aren’t games you’ll enjoy playing with your partner. More narrative games—like the recently released The Last of Us Part II, The Long Dark or Firewatch—are similar to a choose-your-own-adventure movie. Throwing on a narrative game in single-player mode and playing it together is a great way to learn about gaming without the pressure of competition. You don’t have to be invested in each other’s hobbies to be in love, but sometimes it’s nice to share.

*Not applicable for raid nights.

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