Detown Review

Today we are going to chat all about the NFT project Detown. Fans of games like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory will love this amazing Play-to-Earn NFT game. But what makes it so special? If you love harvesting crops, raising animals, and making friends you need to check out Detown today. 

Let’s talk about the NFTs! There are ten thousand cow NFTs. Each cow has their own look with different accessoires. Collectors can expect to find their next big NFT here at Detown. The adorable design makes it even better! You can learn more HERE.

In this Play-to-Earn NFT game there are many features gamers can expect to see:

-Pick your favorite fruits and vegetables right on the farm.

-Raise a variety of lovely animals or adopt an adorable pet.

-Build a small pond for raising fish.

-Trade your in-game assets with other farmers from all around the world.

-Play with your friends or join a farm co-op to participate in special events.

If you enjoy games that allow you to immerse yourself into its world, Detown is for you. We recommend you check it out to learn more about this amazing game. When you have an NFT you will receive amazing in game benefits such as: 

-Early access to the game

-A unique beautiful Avatar

-A stylish owner’s badge

-Ability to create a farm co-op for players

Not only are these NFTs perfect for any collector but owning them gives you amazing perks! Be sure to check out all their links and support this amazing Play-to-Earn NFT game!




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