Deftly Dragons NFT Review

Passion is what drives the creators Deftly Dragons. These adorable dragons are not only perfect for any NFT collector, they are also raising awareness and money for mental health. Before we jump into their adventure on supporting mental health let’s chat about what makes them unique. 

Deftly Dragons are 10,000 hand drawn dragons that will be released soon! Each and every dragon has their own characteristics and accessories. Some may have a sword, a magic rod, and even a fishing pole. While others may have references to Dragon Ball Z or a knight outfit. These dragons are great for any collector or fan of geek culture to add to their NFT gallery!

Over on their website you can check out their road map. This road map shows their supporters what they can expect when they grow in funding! For example at 25% they will donate 25k to a mental health organization (voted by their community) and rarity tool integration! You can check out their road map HERE!

Deftly Dragons has an amazing team behind it that is truly passionate about making a positive impact in the NFT space. This project will support mental health and show other creatives that passion is what will drive a successful project. It’s also another way many NFT creators are proving that they are doing good for the world. If you want to learn more about these amazing creators be sure to check out their links:





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