D-KEY, NFTs and a Review on Guardy Girls and Mighty Cat

Mangaka’s have been jumping on the hype of NFTs early this year. As you’ve seen over the last few weeks, All Ages of Geek has been covering all the NFT + geek news over at Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace. If you haven’t, be sure to check out our recent article about them right HERE! And now,(just like many creatives in the Mangaka Industry) D-KEY an animation director and mangaka best known for Guardy Girl joins the NFT world!

Today we are going to chat all about Guardy Girls, the manga following Silvia, Laurie, and Fumi . But who are these characters? These three characters are a team of heroes in the making, defeating villains and keeping everyone safe! Just your average hero type day, right? The “far-too-strong” Silvia, “the gun-totin’, bullet-blastin’” Laurie, and finally “the scientific magical girl” Fumi are our main characters we will follow throughout this action packed story. 

With a total of 10 NFTs available, and nine remaining, the Guardy Girls NFT runs for 500 USDT. In this lovely NFT you see our three heroes standing together ready to strike in a badass pose. In the background you see the words Guardy Girls in their iconic and unique font. This NFT is great for collectors who are fans of Guardy Girls or someone looking for a colorful, popping or expressive NFT for their collection!

Alongside the iconic Guardy Girls NFT, there is Mighty Cat created by D-KEY. This NFT focuses on Mighty Cat, a cat who understands human language! In this NFT you see Mighty Cat standing on two legs. In the background you see a skyscraper in pink that blends perfectly with the color of Might Cat’s cape. This NFT is great for anyone who loves cats or just someone who wants to feel mighty for a day! Mighty Cat runs for 500 USDT.

Learn more HERE from our friends at Trophee Manga NFT Marketplace!

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