Courageous Corgis Review

The internet has been flooded with new NFTs everyday. Each day you hear about new creators
and artists joining the space and bringing their visions to the metaverse. Some that are hand
drawn, others done by online programs and technology, and of course photographs. Today we
are going to discuss an NFT that is truly different from the rest. Let’s chat all about Courageous

This adorable NFT collection is coming to the metaverse on February 5th, 2022! This collection
is perfect for any animal lover or collector looking to add more cartoon styled NFTs to their
gallery. The collection has 4,444 corgis who are dressed as heroes such as firefighters and
doctors. There are over 100 traits and three base corgis in this collection. Making the
possibilities endless for collectors.

“This project is working with animal shelters across the country to help animals and pets in
need. A portion of every NFT sale is donated to help shelters and havens care for their animals.
5% of all future sales beyond the initial launch will also be donated!”

Not only do they have amazing and adorable NFTs, they are also helping animal shelters
around the world. Joining their community is a great idea, you can even pitch ideas on what
shelter to donate to. They also have an awesome Discord server!

Their website has a great roadmap where supporters can check out what they can expect in the future. For example at 60% they will donate another batch of money to shelters around the
world. If you are interested in what you can expect to see in the future be sure to view their
roadmap. You will see detailed descriptions about what’s to come.

Interested in supporting Courageous Corgis? Be sure to check out all of their links. These NFTs
not only tell a hero’s story they also are helping animals around the world. Be sure to support
their work today! You wont regret it.


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