Why Fans Still LOVE RWBY

Despite the RWBY fandom’s (or FNDM’s) differences, there is one thing all RWBY fans share in common. And that’s their love for a RWBY character. Whether you love Yang and her badassery, Ruby and her quirky love of weapons, even Roman Torchwick and how he was such a fan favorite that Rooster Teeth Animation decided to keep him alive for more than one Volume, there is always room for love in the RWBY Community.

The RWBY fandom is known to get into online brawls with each other over Ship Wars and drama, but on the warmer side of things, there is still love for the characters. All Ages of Geek is happy to shine some light on animation and anime projects alike, especially getting the audience involved to help spread that Fandom Positivity.

So here are some reasons why fans still love RWBY after so many years.

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[email protected]_ss mentioned, they love Yang because they admire her strength and want to be just like her when it comes to being brave and to keep moving forward. RWBY’s creator Monty Oum’s famous lines were “Keep moving forward” which has shown fans around the world to never give up on their dreams, and when things get tough you need to have the will to keep trekking on!

Hey now, even the Grimm deserve some love. The Creatures of Grimm are a major part of the RWBY series. They are the creatures that inhabit the World of Remnant and come in all different shapes, sizes and designs. Don’t show any signs of negativity or you will be a Grimm’s breakfast. Oh yeah, and they don’t have souls which makes it worse for the characters. Though you need to admit that their designs are fantastic, enough to give you nightmares.

Since we are on the topic of Grimm, you have to mention the Master of Grimm herself. Salem. Salem is the main antagonist of the entire RWBY series who has caused even some of the fan-favorite villains to doubt their abilities. In Volume 6 Chapter 3 (The Lost Fable) of RWBY, Salem’s past is revealed to us and some fans have gotten a soft spot for her. Here’s our article all about RWBY Volume 6 Chapter 3 discussing how Salem was crafted to become a villain and not born to be one.

No matter if RWBY characters are the protagonists, antagonists, anti-heroes/villains or neutral, there’s always the one who you will just click with. According to @kikiyushima they also love Raven because they love writing fanfics about her and roleplaying as her character.

As you can see there is a lot of love for Weiss. Also known as the Ice Queen or Best Girl, fans of RWBY love Weiss due to her amazing development from a spoiled, little rich girl stuck in her ways, to a caring and compassionate friend to her team. If you know anything about Weiss and the Schnee family you will see why Weiss turned out how she did in Volume 1. There aren’t enough of fireplaces to warm her father Jacques Schnee’s heart.

Many people can also relate to Weiss and her backstory feeling trapped, much like her character song and its parts Mirror Mirror represent. These songs tell the audience that Weiss wants to escape from herself, her insecurities and the life that was forced upon her by her father and lineage.

No matter if a fandom has toxic drama or not, one thing still stands. The love for the RWBY characters. Some are relatable, others grow on you much later on in the series. And we want to know who your favorite RWBY character is and why? Let us know! And be sure to share this post with other RWBY fans to spread that Fandom Positivity all around!

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This was lovely to read. I was surprised by some of the characters people chose, but is a good way.

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