Can You Make a Living Playing League of Legends?

by: Kyla Stewart

It’s fascinating to consider how much perceptions around gaming have evolved in the past decade. While scholarships and monetary rewards were once left to athletes and dedicated students, many reputable universities and colleges are realizing the value of added gamers. 

League of Legends has become a worldwide phenomenon, with the Championship reaching 46 million simultaneous viewers at one point. This leaves many avid gamers wondering if they, too, can make a living playing LoL.

With the right combination of talent, strategy, and dedication, the answer is yes. Here’s how.

Buying and Selling Accounts

One of the leading ways to make money playing League of Legends is to buy and sell accounts. With this approach, you either start accounts from scratch and build them up or purchase a low-level account and follow the same course. You play until you’ve reached the desired level, then sell to someone who lacks the time or desire to work through the ranks.

The benefit of this approach is that you can scale your efforts to fit your needs and schedule. Obviously, higher-level accounts take more time to build and sell for more money. The pitfall is that you’ll be limited in how many accounts you can handle at one time, which creates income limitations.

Boosting Accounts

Boosting accounts is similar to buying and selling accounts, but rather than taking on the role of a merchant, you’re more of a consultant. With this example, someone brings you into their account to boost it while they’re busy doing other things. They retain ownership of the account; you just help them along the way.

This offering works well in conjunction with buying and selling, as you’ll need some proof of your process. It also offers the benefit of recurring clientele. Again, time is a significant factor that limits your income.

Strategize with an LoL Tier List

The gaming elite is successful because they treat LoL like a full-time job. The approach is similar to that of a professional athlete. You dedicate time and energy to training and reviewing analytics and data to make strategic decisions. 

If you want to become a top-level League player and participate in revenue-generating events, start reviewing tier lists by MOBA Champion. These algorithm-driven insights are designed to help you choose the right champions based on factors like win rate, damage, difficulty, and role strength. This data is derived from elite players, helping you make the best possible decisions for your approach.

The reason selling and boosting accounts is a successful endeavor is because it takes so much time and effort to become elite. To take this route, you likely won’t have the bandwidth to work on other accounts, and you’ll have to play LoL like it’s your job.

Share Relevant Content

Content creation is a staple in our digital society. You can become a content creator by sharing insights you pick up along the way, creating tutorials, streaming your play, and taking an experimental approach.

The benefit of becoming an LoL content creator is that you can do this in tandem with the other ideas on this list. The pitfall is that there’s plenty of competition, and it can take time to gain traction.

Making a living through League of Legends is possible, but it’s not an overnight, get-rich-quick scheme. If you decide to monetize, take a scaleable approach and build up over time. 

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