Bre on the Beat Review

NFTs are becoming more and more popular as the days go by. New creators and artists jump
into the metaverse with their ideas, showcasing their work to the world. Digital art, photography, fine art, the possibilities are truly endless. Today we are going to chat all about the collection Bre on the Beat who they are, what their NFT designs are like, and how you can support them.

“A trans human artist that doesn’t feel defined by one subject or medium. My experience in life
has taught me to weave my thoughts into art. Let’s move together in discovering my journey.”

These NFTs truly break the norm. Not only are there several different pieces, some are even animated, giving the viewers a different way of experiencing NFTs. Collectors looking to add more abstract pieces to their gallery with saturated colors and unique designs should consider browsing these NFTs. For example there is a piece called PRIDE A GREATER LOVE which showcases the word Pride in an artistic manner. However what is unique about this art piece is if you look closely in the letters you will see people painted in them! Each piece sold goes to SMYAL, a charity supporting LGBTQ+!

Collectors interested in this project should consider browsing Twitter and Instagram. There you
can stay updated on new designs, what the creator is working on, and perhaps when a new
release comes out. Over on Voice NFT Platform viewers can check out all the amazing designs.
Unlike most NFT projects that have similar if not identical pieces in their collection, this project
has many different pieces with different designs and meanings. Collectors need to jump on this project now to find their next NFT, it is going to be huge!

If you are interested in supporting their work be sure to check out all of their links. There you will be able to browse through their collection, stay updated, and perhaps find your next big NFT. Support them today. You will not regret it!
Voice NFT platform:

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