Bored Ape Skull Not Club NFT Review

Years ago Bored Ape roamed the world as a healthy ape, exploring nature around him. He always took pleasure in seeing the world, making his life interesting and not boring. But everything changed when he became ill. Bored Ape couldn’t explore anymore. He couldn’t live the way he loved. He couldn’t go out and see the trees. The sky. The world. Because his life was ending. But, he managed to continue his story by becoming and evolving into Bored Ape Skull Not Club. His life continued with a new appearance. 

Bored Ape Skull Not Club is a Digital Art Collection of NFTs. There will be 999 Limited Unique Cartoons in this NFT collection. The story of Bored Ape will live on and collectors will get to see him in many different outfits and accessories. Collectors would be lucky to add these unique NFT’s to their gallery. 

If you love this collection and the story behind it be sure to check their Twitter out. On their Twitter you will be able to interact with the creator and maybe even give suggestions on what they should create next. You can also find them on Instagram. There you will find a gallery of their NFTs and see what has been sold and what is still available! A perfect place to be for those interested in buying NFTs!

Interested in learning more about the cool designs Bored Ape Skull Not Club has in store? Be sure to support them over on OpenSea! These colorful NFTs will be perfect for any collector. Support  Bored Ape Skull Not Club today.

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