Boomslank The Must Visit Anime Store

If you are interested in finding a new anime store to support look no further. Boomslank is truly an amazing company that showcases original art from P-shinobi. This company was created by three brothers who love anime, since All Ages of Geek is ran by two sistes we truly love what they have going on! But what are they all about and what is their story?

“Before Boomslank, David, our artist (AKA P-shinobi), worked as a cashier at Walgreens. While it was an honest living, he wasn’t happy at all with the job. At the time, I was looking to start a company, but I didn’t have a good idea. It just so happened at the time David had an impressive skill for creating anime illustrations. He was good enough to earn Daily Deviations on DeviantArt. So I approached him with the idea of starting the brand together, and here we are. Kevin, our other brother, joined a couple of months later and is now overseeing our convention logistics.

Boomslank currently is an avenue for us to express what we want to see in the world of anime. Our brand mission is to do our part in making anime a lifestyle. Today, we currently have Phone Cases, Posters, Hoodies, T-shirts, Stickers, and Sketchbooks. But the future is exciting for us, as we explore what we can do. I hope you can join us for the ride.”

Their artwork is truly amazing. Each piece of apareal and acessory is perfect for anyone who loves anime and original art work. Their line work and colors are truly unique making them stand out from the crowd!

If you are interested in supporting their work be sure to check out their links! Be sure to also check out All Ages of Geeks review to learn more about this amazing company!

Learn more about them here: https://boomslank.com/

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