BoB in Deepspace  NFT Review

“A digital expression of what we can find inside ourselves, the beauty that we have inside and what we can find if we just look within ourselves.”

Art is a way for individuals to express their identity and feelings. Artist Edgar Salazar introduces BoB in Deepspace, a new NFT collection that truly shows the beauty inside each individual. This NFT collection is a group of characters that represent individualism. Inside each character is a flash of color, nature or cityscapes. 

The best part of these NFTs is that they are not all still images. Some of the NFTs have moving pictures of nature flashing from a bright sunlight to a starry night. While others have flowers and pictures of the galaxy. Even the still images tell a beautiful story. Each NFT is unique in its own, giving each character their own beauty and representation. 

Collectors should consider checking out this NFT collection on OpenSea. These NFTs make a perfect addition to any collector’s NFT gallery. Be sure to support the artist on OpenSea and Twitter. On Twitter you can even catch updates all about this NFT collection! 

With a touch of magic, these NFTs give us an insight into the beauty of nature. The characters remind us of self-expression, no matter where you are in the world.  

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